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I submit for discussion in this substack that the psycho-dynamics of the process by which free speech has been eliminated at many research universities though required for execution of the scientific method of investigation are described in the book that is entitled "The Psychology of Totalitarianism" by the scientist and professor of clinical psychology Mattias Desmet. This is for various "complex" physical systems (including but not limited to "complex" medical systems) to be mistaken for "non-complex" physical systems, where a "complex" physical exhibits one or more "emergent properties," each of which if a property of the whole system and not of the separate parts of this system whereas a "non-complex" physical system exhibits no such properties. According to Desmet, a "mechanistic-materialistic world view is amongst the consequences from this mistake.

I am: Terry Oldberg

Engineer/Scientist/Public Policy Researcher

Searcher for and teller of the truth

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thank you Terry! Totalitarianism is a vital cause...

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